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DanceMaster 2.0 (March 27, 2015)

About DanceMaster

DanceMaster is an easy-to-use music player designed for the unique needs of the rehearsal process. The app was designed in cooperation with professional dancers and instructors to help performers and instructors practice, memorize, and teach choreographies. In rehearsal, you frequently need to play the same section of music over and over, so every time you stop, DanceMaster automatically returns to the last place the music started— eliminating the frantic searching for the starting point of a section that takes up a surprising amount of time in many rehearsals. You can add and name cues in the music to mark important parts and easily jump to them at any time. DanceMaster helps you memorize choreographies by tracking choreography notes right along with the music, and you can easily share your work with with other faculty and students. Even adjust tempo on the fly. DanceMaster can also help you practice and memorize steps solo— by speaking cues aloud, reminding you what comes next.

About The Developer

David Starke is an independent software developer and user interface designer based in San Francisco, California. In addition to his work in software, he also performs with the Academy of Danse Libre, a San Francisco Bay Area dance company that performs reconstructions of vintage social dances from the 19th and early 20th centuries.